Our company is a specialty shop for labels.

We purchase the most suitable materials from the most suitable production center.
We can take orders depending on customer’s needs and choose production areas accordingly.
If price is important we can utilize Chinese makers.
If you want to buy smart, specific and high-fashion products, we can utilize German or Italian makers.
We are very particular to make products suitable for Japanese culture and climate. We usually use foreign markets unless a customer prefers locally made materials.
It is the origin of our spirit to take pride in these ideals.

The process of making labels begins by talking about our customers specific needs.

For example, we may suggest that “Such a label matches white jeans” or “This material is more suitable because of the impression it makes in the light or suits the summer more”.
In this way we perform the suggestion of the label which is acceptable for summer clothing / winter clothing / for men / for women / material / casual / formal / and the sales floor.
When we are shown an article of clothing, we can recommend material and offer advice instantly because we have studied this specialty for years.

Matching of material and the label material is our work.

A lot of knowledge and experience are indispensable to offer a recommendation that is most suitable for customers.
We visit Italy and France once a month to study and continually adapt to changing fashion. In "Matching of material and the label material", we will certainly top other companies with our know-how of this business which we have successfully had for years.