Aging leather(2009/2/24)
Aging leather We are confident to recommend this item for 2009!!

Leather goods such as grip of bags and wallets change its color after using for long time by sweat of human hand and natural conditions. Long time makes leather goods deep and rich flavor.

A good idea flashed into us that this flavor should be adopted for jean labels.
After trial and error we succeeded in development of the leather labels which is deep and rich flavor that the appearance is using for many years. And we named it “Aging leather”.

Hope many consumers enjoy our confident products.
Color Purple and Lavender(2009/2/24)
Color Purple and Lavender Color purple and lavender have been getting popular in Via Montenapoleone and Via Spiga in Milano since 2008. These colors also must become popular in Japanese jeans market as new trend color in 2009.
We take these colors in advance and we propose these colorful and cute colors for jeans labels. The materials are horse hair, velveteen and other rich articles.

We would continue to develop such the newest items that is attractive for many consumers.
We opened a homepage(2008/10/07)
We opened a homepage of Seven Shoji Co., Ltd.
Customers interested in our product, please inquire from the "Contact" page.
Thank you in advance for any inquiries.