We take trips in search of international materials

We take trips in search of international materials then touch around Europe mainly to take surprise and discovery in the knowledge of this business.
There are clothes showing various expressions for the impression of only one tag. We want many customers to sense the magic of this coordination.
Germany Italy China Hong Kong Japan
We have done business in Hong Kong for 35 years.
Because of free trade we make full use of superior transportation infrastructure and control of Chinese factories(The Dongguan District)..

We produce things pressed for cost performance that are accessible in Dongguan from Hong Kong in only two hours. In a factory in Dongguan, we make leather labels/woven labels/hang tags/of good quality.

To a work with such sensitive detail, with much manual labor in particular, it is the most suitable place.
We’ve done business in the Dongguan district for more than 20 years.
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